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Behind the Scenes of Ukraine Online Dating

The Dark Side

Online dating is a big export product of Ukraine. The men that are registered and easily pay hundreds of dollars per month for chatting and watching the webcams, don't know how the business is running behind the scenes.

The majority of the women on the websites don't speak English while you're still communicating with the woman in English. Doesn't she speak English than? Well, probably not. You must realize you're likely talking with a translator - a guy, that is working every night in a kind of 'call centre' and is earning serious money. Translators represent the pages of the majority of the women. The 'dirty talk' chats are most of the times conducted with guys. A part of the male clients likes these dirty conversations, so for everyone seems to be a solution, but of course there is a part that is looking for a serious relationship and it is possible they are cheated.

One translator can work on a few profiles. Profiles of women are sometimes more than five years old. The woman of the profile can already be married and even have children, while in her profile she wrote she was without children. Her part in this circus is collecting the presents that men sent to her.

The translator has a full-time job, the agencies that administers and photographs the women have part in this business as well as the owner of the website of course. Every major city in Ukraine has 'call-centres' that operate every night with numerous translators.

Specialized Software

The translators are well equipped with specialized software to send every day thousands of letters to the members. The automated letters are the best way to attract attention of the male members and an attempt to draw the communication to chat or to webcam, that generates most money.

The software customizes the letters with the name of the registered member, so it looks like 'the woman' wrote a customized letter, which is totally besides the truth.

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